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Animal Trivia, Geography Trivia & Food Trivia

Instant Trivia has fascinating facts about animal trivia, geography trivia & food trivia. Instant Trivia is a Complete Trivia website. Complete Trivia creates weekly pub trivia quizzes for clubs, pubs and hotels and supplies single quiz products for social and business functions, and fund raisers. Enjoy our free trivia and give Complete Trivia a call if you need a quiz!

Animal Trivia – Unique Trivia About Animals We Share Our World With

Explore our Animal trivia, a popular category of trivia, full of weird and wonderful facts about all the living beings we share our world with.

Geography Trivia About What A Wonderful World We Live On and In

Explore our amazing world with Geography trivia, take a refresher course on the hemispheres, continents, countries and features from all over the world.

Food Trivia – The Good, Bad and Delicious Food & Drink We Consume

Explore food trivia, a popular trivia category with delicious facts about all the food and drink that keeps us healthy and tickles our tastebuds.