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Food Trivia – The Good, the Bad and the Delicious

Food trivia is of interest to us all but especially to those who love good food, those interested in good health and to our cooks. Without food and water we would not live. Finding and cooking food is a large part of our daily lives. People all over the world eat different grains, fruits, vegetables, meats and fish and prepare their food in different ways both simply and in complex recipes and fancy forms.

We are what we eat they say, so food trivia is also about good health . People may get sick from too much or too little food, suffering anorexia or obesity as a result. Food sciences isolate vitamins, minerals and even amino acids to supplement our diets. Food can be both a medicine and a tonic and heal deficiencies from a poor diet or stimulate the healing of certain diseases. A balanced diet can help us live healthily and longer.

Food trivia is about pre-packaged foods and how different products originated and were branded. It’s also about what we drink, the juices, alcohols and soft drinks. It’s about where food is grown, how it is preserved, strange things people eat and exotic ways people cook. Explore facts and fancies from our food trivia catagory.